Again I am back with a new story that will melt your heart out.

So this is a story of a girl name Unnam. When unnam was nine years old she lost her mother.

Unam’s mother died due to burning. She was preparing food in the kitchen and suddenly her saree caught fire and she died. Unam’s father could not save her mother.

Unnam was the only child of her mother, she was totally broken after losing her mother.

She saw her mother burning in front of her and could not do anything.

After a few months, unnam’s father married another woman (she was her mother’s cousin). Unnam was a child, she felt good that now she got a new mother who will love her.

She was excited for her new mother after all unnam was a kid and every kid wants to be loved.

She was happy that she will get mother’s love again But that was her misunderstanding only,

At starting unnam’s stepmother used to love her normally. Unnam used to go to school daily but as unnam was getting older, her mother’s behavior towards her was becoming very dirty.

Her mother used to beat her and make her do all the household work. Gradually her mother started having a problem with going to her school.

Unnam’s mother used to beat her so much that her hands were in pain and she could not even write anything.

But still in that condition too, she used to do all the household work alone.

During the exam days, unnam’s mother had used to beat her so hard that her hands got injured and her hands had started to rot because her bloodthirsty used to get all the housework done by unnam.

Unnam uses to cry all day silently and misses her mother a lot. She is also a kid, she also needs love.

The study of unnam was also missed in this affair and she just studied till 9th standard.

I know you were thinking about her father, her father also never cared about her.

Father of unnam used to beat her at the behest of her step-mother.

Life of unnam had become hell, her step-mother just order her to do things. She had become the slave in her own house, the little unnam was bearing so much pain but still, she used to smile all the time.

After a few years, her step-mother got pregnant.

Unnam’s work became much more as she had to take care of her step-mother but in that phase also her step-mother didn’t stop her cruelty.

After nine months, unnam’s step-mother mother had given birth to a daughter, her step-mother was not happy that much because she wanted a baby boy but still, she used to love her daughter a lot.

It was unnam’s step-mother who became a mother but in reality, it was unnam who was taking care of her stepsister.

Unnam was the one who was taking care of her little sister from bathing her to every little thing she used to do.

It seems as if a little girl who has to jump to play her age has made her the mother of another young girl.

It was as if she was living a life worse than a housemaid. As if making a small little girl into a big mature woman.

No one was there for her even her real father was her biggest enemy.

It would be better if she would be living in an orphanage, at least there she could be with the other kids.

Her mother was very cruel that unnam’s step-mother’s brothers were also again her.

They know that her step-mother is not doing good with her but they were helpless.

The whole society was well known about the behavior of unnam’s step-mother.

Unnam’s stepsister was growing up and unnam used to get her sister ready to go to school and use to make her lunch for school.

Unnam loves her sister very much. After all, why didn’t she do, she had brought up her like a mother.

It’s a saying that a snake’s baby would be a snakelet.

Unnam’s sister was also like her mother a cruel person.

She also uses to treat her like even more hell, she uses to shout on her.

Unnam’s neighbor house was empty. A new family came to that house.

Gradually they started mixing with unnam, the aunty and her two kids(girl and daughter) use to love her a lot.

Unnam treated them as their younger brother and sister. The neighbor aunty was dominating on unnam’s mother. After some days, the neighbor’s felt something weird in the late night.

In the middle of the night, the strange voice is heard from their neighbor as if someone is hammering on the walls.

Those people got scared, they thought that there is a ghost who is doing all this. Then after a while, that voice stops coming and those people fall asleep.

Then the next day, the same sound starts coming in the middle of the night. This all goes on for a few days.

It had been a long time since the neighbor aunty had not seen unnam. One day when the aunty saw unnam, she looked very depressed. Aunty asked unnam – why are you so sad? Annam first peeks inside her house to see if her stepmother is not looking, then she weeps, crying that her father hit her very much at the behest of her stepmother. Unnam speaks further that her parents used to hit her head on the wall every day. Now the aunty understands the whole thing that the voice that used to come from so many days was not a ghost but to beat the head of unnam on the wall.

The aunt cried a lot at night and told this incidence to her children also. She felt so helpless at that day.

Earlier when unnam’s mother used to hit her or uses to abuse her loudly, it was the aunty who had that guts to go inside the house and scold her mother for this but after knowing that she felt very helpless.

Unnam used to give rakhi to the neighbor secretly as her step-mother doesn’t like that.

It was as if there was a little happiness in the life of unnam after the arrival of the neighbors because they loved her wholeheartedly.

Those siblings also considered unnam like their elder sister. The victimization on unnam’s mother is no less but as if the girls have found the love for her.

Years passed and unnam began to grow up, she turned twenty-three years old. A boy came in her life, he was in a govt. job. The boy proposed to unnam for marriage, he knew about her everything and still wanted to marry her.

Unnam first told this thing to her neighbor sister, after hearing all this the neighbor sister got very happy.

But unnam’s stepmother had never wanted unnam to get married because if she gets married then who will do all the household work?

Unnam didn’t even have a phone, she used to talk secretly to that boy through her stepmother’s phone. Unnam’s stepmother was illiterate.

One day suddenly unnam’s family left the house without telling anyone. They shifted somewhere else.

The neighbor aunt was in shock after seeing this as unnam also didn’t even tell her about this.

Then a few days later, it was revealed that unnam had run away from the house with the same boy and his family members had left this house for fear of slander.

The neighbor aunt and her children were very happy to hear these things. Now maybe unnam has got real happiness in life.

Just one day a call from unnam comes to the house of an aunt of the colony., she just wanted to talk to her neighbor once.

It was as if the entire colony was very happy with her escape. Just after that day, there has never been any call or any news of unnam.

Then after a year or two, it is revealed that unnam is not in this world.  She dies only after one or one and a half years of marriage.

She was hit by a truck and was dead on the spot. Unnam was going to see her grandmother in the hospital that day but she would have no idea that it would be the last day of her life.

So, friends what do you think, this is the end of the story? No, there is still some suspense left.

Unnam’s death is not an accident but a murder. Her parents had killed her because she went against them and get married to that boy.

The truck man was given money to kill her.

Another twist is that when unnam died she was pregnant, along with unnam her child also died.

And just one last revelation, Unnam’s mother’s death was not an accident.

She was also killed because unnam’s stepmother had an affair with her father so they wanted to kill unnam’s real mother so that her stepmother could marry her father.



Life of unnam was never easy for her, all throughout her life what she got is only hatred.

No matter how much she tried to keep her family happy but in return, she only got disrespect, hatred and so much of hatred.

Unnam used to cry a lot in silence, nobody was there for her to take a stand for her.

Throughout her life, she was all alone fighting her own battle for love.

She never got the love she deserved, neither from her father nor from mother.

She lost her mother at an early age.

Unnam started doing all the household chores right from childhood, from broom tilting to homemade.

To say that unnam lost her mother in childhood, but as if her father had died for her on the same day.

If we give bread daily to a street dog, then we also get a bit attached to it. Don’t know why unnam’s stepmother has never fallen in love with her, how can anyone have such a stone heart.

When unnam found love, she could not see that happiness for more time. Maybe she was born for grief, maybe she never had to see happiness in her life.


She loved her father very much, but what she got in return, just beatings and abuse and hatred.

Unnam always cried very fondly remembering her real mother that if she had been there, it would not have been happening with to her today.

Maybe she too would have completed her studies like other children, going to college, fighting with her mother, showing tantrums.

Perhaps she also had a mother who loved her very much.

The motive of the story was to tell you that everyone is dealing with his or her own problems.

We never know from what situations someone is going through, life is not that easy for everyone we see and think of.

It’s a saying – ” Remote drums are pleasant’

Never complain about what you have, instead of complaining make it better by your own hard work.

In this story don’t be like unnam, she had only endured everything quietly. Excess of everything is not good.

What she got in return – pain, hatred, abuse, disrespect, and at the end DEATH…

Never be a victim all the time, it’s good to tolerate but not so much that a person loses himself.

In this story, unnam suffered a lot that she lost herself too.

May her soul rest in peace always.

Maybe now she got real peace.

She’s in a safe place now, may her soul rest in peace.

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