WHAT WAS HER FAULT ???        

Sad Story Erica was just 6 years old when she got married to the john. They both were in the same school.
Children used to bully erica for marrying so early.
As a result, Erica left her studies and sit back at home.
As years passed, at the age of 13 Erica gave birth to a baby boy.
John had a highly dominating nature.
By the age of  21 years, Erica had become the mother of 4 kids(3 sons and 1 daughter).
John got a job in the police as an officer rank.
Erica was beaten by John many times for no reason, her life was surrounded by her four children only.
Erica’s in-laws used to give her a lot of household works.
Her whole day was just busy doing household works and taking care of her kids.
Years passed, John left Erica without giving divorce and took his elder kid with him.
she wasn’t having any money to run her house and feed her kids.
Erica decided to do a job in order to feed her kids and to provide them with a better future.
But Erica was illiterate and had left her schooling at the age of just six years.
She cried all alone at night thinking of how to feed their kids and make them literate like their father.
Erica went to the john for asking help for their kids, John refused to help and throw her out of his house. 
Erica left with nothing and return to her house with tears in her eyes.
She took the work of stitching police uniforms and got some money in return.
She put her kids in a government school as she was not having enough money to put them in a private school.
Years passed, she brought up her kids and did her best and every possible way to make them happy.
Erica’s elder son and daughter got a government job while her younger son indulged in some small criminal stuff.
She was happy for her two kids but deep inside broken for her younger son.
Erica’s kid had to leave the house as he was declared bc by the police and he could never enter the state even if he tries to do the this he would be arrested by the police and could be sent in jail.
Again years passed her kids got married.
Erica’s daughter and son got a government quarter and started living there.
Erica shifted to her son’s quarter with his wife.
Erica’s daughter in law was very cruel, she never made a tea for her ever in life.
Erica used to cook the food for herself in a separate room at the terrace, she used to stay there only.
Even at the times of erica’s illness, her daughter in law never cooked food for her.
Erica used to do all things alone no matter she is unwell or not.
Erica’s daughter gave birth to a baby girl then Erica shifted to her daughter’s house for around eight years in order to look after her grandchild.
Years passed, Erica became older.
In those years her husband never tried to meet her nor even her elder son.
Erica’s elder son also beaten her for so many times, she bore all the pain inside.
She never complained.
One day Erica came to know that her husband is very ill and about to die from the last week.
Erica went to her husband’s house with her son, John was in pain and he was paralyzed that he couldn’t even move his any part of the body.
John had only tears in his eyes, it seemed like he was in deep regret for what he had done with Erica in his whole life.
Erica poured some holy water in johns mouth after that John left his soul forever.
Erica didn’t even have a single drop of tear in her eyes, why she would have that even?
For Erica, her husband had been dead on that day only when he left her forever with her three kids.
As John was a government servant, Erica got the pension now.
Erica’s problem had not been solved yet.
Erica’s second son threw her out of the house, she started living with her daughter.
Her daughter used to close her in a room and put the gas pipeline off so that Erica could not cook anything.
Leaving Erica alone in the house and put the lock from outside so that she could not get out of the house.
In the afternoon Erica used to eat stale chapati and vegetable.
Sometimes she was unable to eat those stale cold chapatis and vegetable, she used to even pass the days without eating.
Erica’s grandchild used to say – “just stay away from me and my mom, why you bother us. We can’t bear you and can’t wash your clothes.” 
One day Erica ran away from that house, she was not in that position to even walk properly as she had become very weak due to hunger and malnutrition.
She went to one of her neighbor’s house ( when she was living with her son).
Those people were very kind and they welcomed Erica in their house, Erica got some relief.
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