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LIFE is like a feather-light and soft

The calmer would wind the more it will stay

Life is all about patience, the patiently you will solve the problem the more stable would be the life.

Never make your life complicated with unnecessary things, live your life the way you want to.

In other words, make yourself worthy that much for this life as you want, live as you can.

If you are born poor then don’t let the whole life become a destiny for you.

Set your goals, keep the focus on it and learn more from your poverty.

Life continues to give you many options/chances to grow, it depends on you only in which direction you want to move in(positive or negative).

In life, there will be such people who will pull you down while you are heading for success.

But it is up to you to decide whether to change your mind and step down or to just stick to your success and show them.

There would be people also who will support you but it would be very few.

There would be various people who will criticize you/who will say negative things/negative aspects about your steps but don’t let your heart small by their words instead make it your strength.

The future will be ours not others so we should be the boss of our own life and rule it.

Stay away from negative people but don’t make them feel it. Make life and live life.

Always motivate yourself even if nobody is doing. Don’t depend on others for your success, make your own path and grow positively.

Don’t trust other’s words instantly, take time, think on it.

Not everyone will give you true advice, not all will truly pray for you.

Make life better and live good.

This is the first “life quotes”, more yet to come.

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