Child harassment So here we go with another story. This story is related to child harassment.

This is the story of a girl Bella, who has suffered a lot of things in life.

When Bella was a kid, she went through child harassment.

First Incident:-

Bella was sitting in her school van, a boy(Bella in 2nd class and boy was in 11th) starting touching her thighs towards an upward direction.

It was a mess kinda situation, nobody would be able to see that.

He was continuously doing that, she became scared of this that she was unable to raise her voice.

After a few minutes school came and Bella runs out of the van and went to her class.

She put her bag in the desk, rush to the washroom & cried a lot because that was something that should not be done with her.

Somehow Bella copes up with the situation and moved on but she never discussed with anyone about this.

Second incident:-

One day Bella went to her aunt’s house with her mom, she was around 10 years at that time.

In the afternoon when everybody was sleeping, Bella’s cousin sister(of age 15 years.), called her to her room.

Bella’s cousin removed Bella’s clothes from upside and also removed her own clothes. Bella’s sister started rubbing her breast with Bella’s.

Bella was bitter and whimsy, weirdly messy that she immediately rid herself of her cousin sister that she didn’t wear the clothes properly and ran in another room.

Third incident:-

Bella was out of the station to attend her bua’s marriage, at that time she was 13 years.

She was sleeping next to her uncle(of age 23 yrs.), suddenly she feels at midnight that something was crawling in her stomach.

Bella secretly opened her eyes and saw that her uncle’s only hand in his stomach.

She was tolerating all that shit.

Bella’s uncle grabbed her hand and took her to his chest and slowly put her hand towards his lower side.

That was the time when Bella put her hand back.

Her uncle realized that she is awake.

Bella turned another side and just starting crying in a slow voice that nobody can hear.

She was scared and unable to understand the things that happened, the whole night she slept in pain.

When she wakes up in the morning, she saw that her uncle is not on the terrace.

She thought he must be there in the house with the guests.

Bella noticed that her uncle was nowhere in the house and not even he attended the wedding, she got to know that he went back to his place.

She felt so happy that now she hasn’t had to face him again.

These incidents created a deep impact on Bella’s mind because childhood is the age where a person can learn a lot of things.

Not all the kids come out of this situation well, some kids become timid.

Some children become weak by the brain, further their career and life have a profound effect on them.

Childhood incidents create a lot of impact on their mind that it builds a house in their mind.

Talking about Bella, she was also becoming mentally weak but she was strong too.

Bella moved on.

When she became younger and she has the understanding of everything then she got to know that what was things that happened with her.

But Bella came out of it and decided to focus on her career.

Bella made her strong by all these situations instead of weak, she came out as a strong woman.

In life, whatever bad or wrong things happen, never make it your weakness.

Always think positive and make all the weaknesses as your strong points.


By this story, the only motive is to make understand all the parents that be your children’s friend first.

So that they would be able to share you everything without any hesitation.

Children are very soft and precious, their childhood incidents(whether it’s good or bad) create a lot of deep impact on them.

Always explain to the children the difference between good touch and dirty touch and raise a voice,

if someone does something wrong with them.

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