Broken heart quotes

Broken Heart Quotes

This is a post on broken heart quotes – don’t trust again.

In life always learns to forgive the ones who have hurt you and release yourself from the burden of hating that person. Life is not all about holding the grudges for anyone.

Forgive and forget, it’s not easy to apply but at least give a try until and unless you get succeeded. Once you will learn this art, trust me no one would be able to rule you again.

By forgiving doesn’t mean to trust that person again but just through him/her out of your heart. That person can be anyone (your best friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend or anyone to whom you have loved).

Life is precious, why to hold any anger or hatred for anyone and to punish ourself alone.

Whatever has happened, happened for reason. Even if it’s bad but it might result in good in future we never know.

Don’t ever punish yourself for the mistake of others. It’s they who broke our trust, then why to punish us.

If they are happy if they are living peacefully then why we are living in pain. WHY?

You did good, you trust that person. You are justified, you played your part very well.

We should live in peace but what we generally do is we punish ourselves by crying, by skipping meals, by talking rudely to our loves ones whos fault is not even there for that. WHY?

It’s not that easy to forget everything in just one go.

Things take time but do we really try to get things calm and better? the answer is NO.

We don’t even try to get better, we don’t even try for anything. what we do is – we live in the past only.

Because of our past, we ruin our present and ruin our future too. Because we all are busy in our past, in regretting things and so on shits.

Whatever happened it’s done. Will it change anything by crying and holding it for so long. “NO” nothing is going to change it.

Then be happy to be free. It’s life, life is a mixture of ups and downs. There can’t be all days happy and all days sad in our life.

So forgive and let your inner peace be in peace.

At least try and try unless you achieve this.


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