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Never allow anyone to treat you the way they want to BECAUSE

You are having your self-respect too.

Don’t let them spoil it.

There would be many people in our life who will come and go but it depends on us to whom we let stay in our life.

It’s always better to have only a person in your life instead of many if those are just for names only.

Make a few friends or relations in your life but those relations should be of worth.

It’s a saying – ” heart not meet, keep shaking hands”

Even if you don’t like anyone, never show your hatred/dislikeness for them but that doesn’t mean be fake.

Listen to everyone but do what your heart says, stay away from negative people.

Those people are very good who says everything(whether it’s bad or good) in front of you.

Always be in touch with straight forward people, they are the truest ones and you can always find a true friend in them.

Never allow anyone to play with your emotions/feelings.

Life is very precious, don’t let it filled with negative people always.

Learn “say to no”, it’s not that difficult.

It’s your life, your happiness, your future, your decisions then why anyone will rule on it for their sake.

Sometimes it’s necessary to treat others the way they treat you just to show them how it actually feels.

Because when it comes to itself, then only human only how it feels.

Self-respect is the most precious thing in life.

Sometimes it is necessary to bow down but to bow before everyone is wrong.

Sometimes, some people think of us bowing down as our weakness that is not always true.

Because sometimes we care more, we love more, we get attached more than the other one.

But don’t let your love, your care your weakness anymore.

Just fight for your self-respect first.



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